Week 21 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance

I am a subscriber to the Napoleon Hill Foundation newsletter and this week’s message by Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet, really resonated with me and what the MKMMA is all about. I am thankful for Mark Januszewski, Go90Grow and the MKMMA for connecting me with such powerful and life changing information. For that I am truly grateful.

For this week’s post, I wanted to share the article from Judy so that you might gain insight into the power of a mastermind alliance.

“Dear Readers:

Maybe you are beginning to notice how one principle builds upon another now that we are well into the third principle of Applied Faith. Each principle adds dimension and shades of meaning to the others as we study them in detail in order to comprehend the entire philosophy of success. Remember how in the human biology textbooks there would be overlays explaining the different systems of the body? First you would have the skeletal system, then perhaps the circulatory system, followed by the digestive system until you arrived at a complete human being. Each system was superimposed upon the next in order for you to begin to comprehend the complexity of the human organism. As you can see now, studying and applying the science of success is much the same.

As stories regarding Mastermind Alliances are related by Dr. Hill, a common theme is that many individuals such as Carnegie, Edison, and Ford relied on Mastermind Alliances with others in order to accomplish their best work. Whether these individuals were paid employees or not matters little since the members were compensated in ways they chose when agreeing to participate. Each of these historical figures was able to see the big picture and then work toward bringing their vision to reality with the aid of others. The genius in all of this is that they specifically knew what it would take, who to engage, and how to align the work in order to achieve their desired end result. In essence, they planned backwards and implemented the plan step by step until the desired result manifested itself in the here and now. Whether it was the steel industry, the light bulb, or the Model “T” Ford, doesn’t matter. The process was to take action by acting on it. The acting on it part required Applied Faith.

The three little words ACT ON IT are all contained in the single word action. Once you see it, it is hard to miss. That’s how success is. Once you see your dream clearly, you know it when it shows up even in progressive stages. The kernel of wisdom in all of this is that you must do something in order to make the next thing happen. If you have ever lined up dominoes to knock the first one over and next enjoy the chain reaction, you know what I am talking about. When things are put in place for success, it is then a simple process to kick it into operation.

It is also stated that when you fail to plan you plan to fail, and that tidbit of wisdom is equally true. By planning mentally you envision the process and if you are thinking this plan through in stages you should be able to predict snags, bottlenecks, obstacles, or even train wrecks. It is when you fail to plan or plan too haphazardly that issues arise that prevent the fulfillment of your desire. So planning plus action are two good determiners of future success. And, in the planning, if you emulate those who have succeeded in the past by surrounding themselves with good associates, you are very close to what it takes to complete your mission with satisfaction.

The methodology, although simple, is achieved in its execution in the real world. The sooner you inspect and apply the principles, the sooner you can expect success. Just recall your biology lessons and consider this as a means of adding one more system – the success system!

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judy Williamson”

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