Week 2 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Week 2 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Having discussed the first week’s assignment of The Master Key with one of my long-time friends and teammate, I knew he had a contrarian view of the subject matter. Stimulating the thought process has been one of the greatest assets I have acquired from Go90Grow and the study of Think and Grow Rich.  Often one to provoke the elephant in the room, I’ve asked David to share our discussion in this weeks post.  The Master Key System Logo

“My friend, Darren, and I started the Master Key course together a couple weeks ago. I immediately had some concerns about the book and so Darren asked me to write a guest blog to just give his readers something to consider as they approach this material.

First, how did we even end up in this course? Well, I was introduced to Mark J through his network marketing skills training. Earlier this year, I got fed up over my lack of success in network marketing so I invested the money to take his Go90Grow training boot camp and invited Darren to come along for the ride. Well, as part of that training there was a separate course to study Think and Grow Rich. I had tried to read that book at least 3 times before and just did not get it so I figured maybe taking the side course would help.

Wow! Did it ever! The book finally made SO much sense. My life has been transformed by reading it and actually following the steps that it lays out. Ironically, I took Go90Grow for network marketing, but I discovered Think and Grow Rich and by following that book, I’m now pursuing public speaking as my Burning Desire and using network marketing as a side gig to public speaking.

Anyway, we learned during the Think and Grow Rich class that Hill used the Master Key System as a guide to know what to ask when he started interviewing the hundreds of wealthy people that became the basis for his book. I decided that since I absolutely loved and was so transformed by Think and Grow Rich, I should study the Master Key System since Mark was going to be doing a class again for the first time in 3 years.

So, why do I have concerns about the material in the Master Key if I loved Think and Grow Rich so much?  Well, it doesn’t take very long once you start reading The Master Key System to understand that unlike Think and Grow Rich, it is VERY much about the metaphysical and seems to want to set itself up as a standard of truth. And with my background of studying and debating world views, I knew I just couldn’t automatically take the teachings in this book at face value. I had to really think about what it wanted its readers to believe.

Now, I do have an objective standard of truth that I appeal to, but I don’t think it is necessary to fully explain that to make my point in this post. (You can contact me privately if you really want to know).  I think that as a book that claims to be able to explain the unseen mind and make truth claims about “the divine” and other things that we can’t verify, it should at least be accurate about things we can verify so that we know the rest is trustworthy. And unfortunately, I do not feel the Master Key System is supportive of this.

All we have to do is look at the very first numbered statement in the book, “That much gathers more is true on every plane of existence and that loss leads to greater loss is equally true.”  If we really think about this, is it really true? If much gathers more, why do so many wealthy people lose their money? I saw two instances of this in the last week.  And if loss leads to greater loss, how can we ever have “rags to riches” stories? Again, these cases are around us all the time.

Let’s look at statement 9 – “Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything. It is the foundation of health and a necessary essential to all greatness, all power, all attainment, all achievement and all success.”

Again, is this really true? All of us can think of people with health, power, achievement, etc., that do not have inner harmony.

I have many more similar thoughts on this, but for brevity purposes, I will close with this. I am starting to think that Andrew Carnegie may have asked Napoleon Hill to write a new work based on the Master Key that was more practical without the metaphysical emphasis that is in the Master Key. Maybe Hill simply discovered when he interviewed hundreds of successful people over a period of 25 years that they did use the inner mind substantially, but not in the ways that were laid out in the Master Key.

I know for my part, I have been able to turn my life onto the path of success by only following the system laid out in Think and Grow Rich and I am forever grateful for Hill’s work, because if my success were tied to following the Master Key, I would have to live without.

Have a blessed day!”

I want to thank David for his valuable contribution to my study of The Master Key System.  I welcome all comments and thank you in advance for liking and sharing this post. I appreciate you.

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