Week 18 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance

This week, my word from our Franklin Makeover exercise is imagination. Imagination is defined as the part of the mind that imagines things. To imagine is to form a mental picture of, to think that something is probable, or to believe that something unreal exists. It is synonymous with envision, picture and see in your mind’s eye. The imagination is a very powerful tool. It is responsible for all of the man-made things which exist. A round wheel rather than a square one, the computer, Disneyland.

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a huge Disney fan. One of my favorite attractions at EPCOT is Journey Through Imagination with Figment. While it may seem a bit elementary, there are lots of things we can learn about the imagination from this attraction. I’ve included a video of an on-ride experience. I hope you enjoy watching and listening, but more importantly, I hope it inspires you to use your imagination to Think and Grow Rich.


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About Darren Sanford

Darren is a CPA, CGMA, entrepreneur and network marketing professional. He is a 25+ year veteran in the tax and accounting industry. Darren has experience in accounting in network marketing, residential rentals, wholesale and retail equipment, small business and mom and pop businesses. In addition to public accounting, he served as the CFO for a non-profit social service organization from 1994 to 1997. With that organization, Darren was in charge of overseeing the financial operations including budgeting, federal and state grant administration and financial reporting, as well as, addressing the board of directors regarding the organization’s financial status. Darren received his AA degree in Accounting from Southwest Mississippi Community College and his BSBA degree in Accounting from the University of Southern Mississippi. He received his CPA certification in 1991. Darren has served as President of The Noble Krewe of Hathor since 2003. Darren is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is active in accounting and network marketing education groups both as a trainer and a student. His passion is sharing knowledge and motivating others to succeed.
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