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Local CPA shuts down animal rescue groups across the state

Memphis, TN – January 1, 2015 – Protecting animals and eradicating the ever increasing problem of homeless dogs and cats has long been a passion for Darren Sanford.

His work with such organizations as Mid-South Spay Neuter and Dogs Second Chance has shown the great need for addressing the issues of animal cruelty and spay/neuter, particularly with regard to dogs and cats.

“The numbers were overwhelming,” says Darren, “and there appeared to be no end in sight.” “Once the newness and cuteness wore off, irresponsible pet owners would merely get rid of these pets by taking them to a shelter where they likely would be euthanized or drop them off in some remote area.  Proverbs 12:10 tells us that ‘A good man is concerned for the welfare of his animals.’”

Concerned, Darren was most definitely.  Having started a network marketing business which focused a great deal on fundraising, Darren was aware of the great need among animal rescue groups for funds to pay veterinarian bills, to buy food, to pay overhead expenses and all the other costs associated with rescuing innocent dogs and cats which had been subjected to cruelty or were born out of the irresponsibility of pet owner.

Having huge success as a network marketing professional, Darren had invested in a large tract of land.  During one of his daily meditation sessions, an idea came to mind that would prove to be the biggest action step he’d ever taken.

“We have so many shelters and rescue groups and each requires a great deal of money to operate, even those which have all volunteer staff.” Darren’s idea was to combine all these wonderful organizations under one roof.  This would eliminate the need for so many groups begging for funds and would likely secure donations from many more individuals and businesses who weren’t being bombarded with requests from so many different groups.

Don't Stop Until They All Have A Home

Darren’s first step was creating a mastermind group composed of individuals who’d worked in the animal rescue field, veterinarians who showed a great compassion for the cause and responsible pet owners who’d proven themselves as such through their actions with their own animals.

Being a CPA, Darren was able to complete all the necessary paperwork, filings, and permits necessary to open the biggest animal rescue, safe haven, and clinic for dogs and cats in the history of the state of Tennessee.

The burden of funding was overcome by leveraging the power of network marketing.  Each individual in the mastermind group started their own business with a percentage of the profits donated back to the organization.  Each member committed to sharing the importance of spay/neuter in their respective community.  Psychologists and psychiatrists were engaged to consult with those who’d been a perpetrator of animal abuse.

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Since the opening of this facility, the number of homeless dogs and feral cats has dropped 75%.  Darren hopes to reach 100% by January 1, 2016.

UPDATE: Since the original writing of this press release, seven states have adopted this model of combating animal abuse and homelessness of dogs and cats.  More states are expected to follow.  Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

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